Amin Mesbah


2D Platformer

Screenshot of the cube

Handmade 2D game and engine. This is currently my main project. Source code is here.

Transparent Cube

Screenshot of the cube

Spinning transparent cube in C and OpenGL. Ported to multiple platforms including WASM and WebGL. Source code is here.


Screenshot of OHSP

Unfinished game prototype about dual thruster controls.


Screenshot of Chronophore desktop UI

A desktop app for tracking sign-ins and sign-outs in a tutoring center.


Screenshot of different word spellings generated by elemental speller

Spell words with the elemental symbols from the periodic table ("He", "Cu", etc).

Example: AmPuTaTiON.

Star Sim

Animated gif of stars lazily drifting

A gravitational physics simulation written in C.

Tunnel Runner

Animated gif of flying through tunnel

Pseudo 3D tunnel renderer.

A simple texture is transformed based on each pixel's distance and angle from the center.


Screenshot of snake game

A game of snake for the linux terminal, written in C.

The snake is a linked lisssssst.